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Mobile Ad Policies

All mobile ads must follow the below guidelines and be approved before they appear on Millennial Media mobile searches or mobile web pages.

If an ad does not comply with our policies, we will disapprove the ad from running, and the ad will be labeled 'Rejected' in the advertiser's account. Once an advertiser has made the appropriate edits, the ad will be automatically resubmitted for review. If an advertiser has questions or concerns about any of our editorial decision, they may contact us please contact us at ad-support@millennialmedia.com.

Application of our policies will always involve an element of discretion and Millennial Media reserves the right to reject or approve any ads.

Ads & Landing Pages

Launch Banners

  • Ad copy must use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • If launch banner is strobing, flashing, or contains animated effects, the strobe/flash/animation must be limited to 3 loops.
  • Ad copy cannot be offensive in any manner and can not be profane, vulgar, obscene, harming, or abusive in any way. Mature language can be used in ad copy for ads that are marked as containing Adult Content.
  • Phone numbers and SMS short codes are not allowed in ad copy on launch banner.
  • Launch banner must be clear & legible. Blurry or distorted text or images are not allowed.

Landing Pages (or Destination URL)

  • Must be relevant to the product or service being offered in ad copy on launch banner.
  • Should be functional; URL must direct to a properly loading mobile page. Users should be able to close windows without automatic pop-ups.
  • Cannot contain inappropriate or offensive language. Mature language can be used in ads that are marked as containing Adult Content.
  • Must include the offer described in the ad copy. The offer must appear prominently on the landing page or mobile web site.
  • If the ad is promoting a SMS/premium SMS marketing program, the landing page must have:
  • A valid shortcode
  • Accurate pricing for premium SMS programs
  • If there is a fee, there must be full disclosure about the nature of the pricing scheme (one-time fee, monthly recurring fee, etc.)

Content Policies

Adult Content

  • Any ads with adult content must be marked as such within the ad campaign.
  • Ads or keywords promoting child pornography or non-consensual sexual activity are never allowed.

Competitive Claims

Competitive claims are statements implying that a product/service is better than a competitor's. If the ad text contains competitive language regarding other companies, specific support for this claim must be displayed on the landing page for your Millennial Media ad.

  • Support for a claim can be shown in a variety of ways such as a chart or table that compares the features and/or prices of an advertiser's product versus the competitor's product or a competitive analysis discussing why the advertiser's product is superior.
  • For example, ad text that states 'Better than Millennial Media ads' would be considered a competitive claim and would require support on the website. If the landing page includes a competitive analysis of the advertised service versus Millennial Media ads, this claim would be acceptable and the ad could be approved.


  • Disclosures containing information about user fees, SMS charges, subscription services, etc. must be clear and conspicuous, and in close proximity to the CTA (call to action) button.
  • Opt-in offer check boxes cannot have a check mark in them; users must opt-in by selecting the check box.


  • Ads for mobile or online gambling will only be approved if the ads are targeting countries where this activity is legal. (NOTE: mobile & online gambling is not legal in the U.S.).
  • Ads for casinos and state lotteries can be approved for U.S. targeting.


  • Campaigns/ads targeted to a specific language must be written in that language and the landing page or linked site must also be in the targeted language or must contain a prominent option to select the targeted language.
  • Ads may not display the use of inappropriate language.
  • An ad (including the display URL) cannot contain offensive or inappropriate language. This also applies to misspellings or other variations of inappropriate language.
  • Mature language may be used for campaigns that contain "Adult Content."

Prizes, Sweepstakes, and Incentivized Promotions

Ad copy cannot inform a user that they have won a prize unless that user has actually won that prize and can easily claim it.

Examples of unacceptable language:
  • "Congratulations! You're today's winner!"
  • "Claim your free gift card."
  • "You've won a free iPad."
Examples of acceptable language:
  • "Congratulations! You may be today's winner!"
  • "You may be eligible to claim a free gift card."
  • "You may have won a free iPad."

Additionally, a user must not be required to provide financial information, make a purchase, or agree to a financial agreement in order to enter or qualify for a contest.

  • All ads for prizes & sweepstakes must offer the user an alternate free method of entry.

Phone Numbers

  • Click-to-call numbers must connect customers to the advertiser's business.
  • Phone numbers must be local or domestic to the country the ads are targeting. The telephone number must be entered using the correct format for the target country.
  • Phone numbers must be functional, and may not connect customers to a fax number. The call must connect to a person, automated system, or voicemail system.
  • No premium or toll services: Calls must not have a charge in addition to the cost of placing the call.
  • No emergency numbers: Emergency numbers such as 911 in the United States or 112 in Europe are not allowed.
  • Phone numbers are not permitted in your ad copy. Rather, they are activated when the user clicks on your ad.

Prices, Discounts, & Free Offers

  • Ad copy that suggests advertised prices, discounts, and free offers must be validated on the advertiser's website.
  • If ads include a price, special discount, or 'free' offer, it must be clearly and accurately displayed on the advertiser's website within 1-2 clicks of the ad's landing page.
  • Prices in the ad text must be accurate and can also apply to bulk purchases. For free offers, it is acceptable if the user can infer that the product is indeed free, even if the word 'free' does not appear along with that product or service.
  • Examples:
  • If the ad copy mentions that advertiser is selling towels for 10% off, the destination URL should link to a page that clearly displays towels at the discounted price.
  • Other examples that must be supported include 'Save $20 on first purchase,' 'free hat with purchase,' and 'DVDs for $5 each.'

Prohibited Content

  • Content in the ad copy that contains weapons, illegal drugs, tobacco, spam, and violence is not allowed to be promoted.
  • Ads attacking individuals are not allowed.
  • Ads that offer a software download directly onto a user’s device are not allowed unless the download is being offered from a trusted marketplace. Trusted download sources include iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.


  • Ad launch banners mimicking virus alerts and other system problem messages are not allowed.

Grammar Policies

Grammar & Spelling

  • Follow proper spelling and grammar conventions.
  • Ad text must be in logical sentence or phrase form. This includes using grammatically correct spacing between words and around punctuation.
  • Common text message abbreviations are acceptable. For example, 'Txt 2 Win' is OK, but 'RU ROTFLYAO?' is not.
  • Proper punctuation: Excessive punctuation is not acceptable. For example, 'Buy Britney Ringtones!' is acceptable, but 'Buy Britney Ringtones!!!' is unacceptable.
  • Ads must contain correct spelling.

Trademark Policies


  • Ads must adhere to our trademark policies.
  • Advertisers must be the registered trademark holder or an approved party (reseller, distributor) to use a registered trademark in their ad text. It may not always be possible for an editor to determine whether a term used in an ad is a trademarked term. Millennial Media does not resolve trademark disputes and the ad copy and landing page text is the ultimately the responsibility of the advertiser. However, Millennial Media provides an outlet to reject ads or keywords proactively and if an advertiser or other copyright holder informs us that their trademark is being used inappropriately.
  • Use of trademarked terms that are content within a site, as for example, shopping terms are allowed unless the trademark owner files a complaint with Millennial Media.
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